How Miss Marple is like a hot dog

I talk about my favorite amateur sleuths on the Algonquin Redux blog…

When you think about any mystery series that you love, it’s all about the characters. Sure, you pick up that first book because the story sounds intriguing, but you keep coming back for your new best friends. Think about the classics – Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Brother Cadfael. In a lot of ways, the mystery is just the vehicle that lets you watch your favorite characters in action. Sort of like the bun is really just the transportation device for the hot dog. You hope it’s a really good bun, accompanied by cheese, relish and ketchup, but you’re really there for the hot dog, aren’t you?

Okay, that’s a terrible analogy. But the best hot dogs…I mean, characters …drive the story and keep you coming back for more.  Read more on Algonquin Redux

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