DEATH MAKES THE CUT arrives in style!

Percy is VERY excited about the arrival of DEATH MAKES THE CUT

DEATH MAKES THE CUT arrives in bookstores today. So very excited!

And it’s getting some lovely reviews:


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2 Responses to DEATH MAKES THE CUT arrives in style!

  1. ashlandheights says:

    Just finished Death Makes the Cut — a lot of fun! Did you teach at my son’s high school? Because your entire cast of teachers and school administrators could have come straight from there! You really have a clear view of American high schools today and the good and annoying things about teenagers.

    • Janice Hamrick says:

      LOL. Sorry about your son’s school! No, I’ve not been a teacher – just spent a lot of time watching what goes on in those not so hallowed halls. The school bathrooms always particularly got me – not once did I walk into one that didn’t have some sort of plumbing disaster going on. So glad you liked the book and thank you for taking the time to comment!